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Hi ! This is me, Elena Fontal Aira.

I was born in Barcelone (Spain) and I’m living in Paris since 2007. I studied architecture and landscape design. Garden wandering, writing, reading and of course : painting ! are my big passions.

I have exhibited in several little galleries in Paris.

My artwork is inspired by ephemeral glimpses, abstract atmospheres and landscapes, emphasized by the use of colour.

Most of my paintings are created on paper. I mainly use coloured inks, and occasionnally other techniques : acrylic, gouache, pastel,…



Blaue is the name I gave to my atelier. I invented this word, which describes for me the imaginary colour of the atmosphere that sourrounds us. It is a combination of bleu and blanc (blue and white) : both aerian and lightful vibrations.

Space, colour and garden are communicating vessels in my creative activity.

I use Blaue to englobe my whole work as painter, architect and landscape designer.



Recent exhibitions :

2015  –  ABA Montparnasse (Paris), collective exhibition.

           –  Galerie Montparnasse (Paris), collective exhibition.

2016  –  Galerie Beauvoir (Paris ), collective exhibition.

2017  –  Art Thé (Paris), individual exhibition.

2017  –  André Malraux Library (Paris), collective exhibition.







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